What is home automation in new homes?

Home automation, to put it simply, is a collection of methods that enable you to remotely operate the various electrical components of your residence. More security, more comfort, and better energy management are all provided through home automation.

Need a clearer illustration? Through an intelligent water heater or a connected radiator that is more efficient than a traditional one, home automation can noticeably operate intelligently or according to a program on your energy management. The lighting in your home, connected outlets, locks, and even alarms can all be controlled via home automation in new homes. With just a basic internet connection, a lot of equipment may now be remotely operated.

Despite the advancement of wireless home automation, some gadgets will always require wired power sources. Therefore, the best time to install all these electrical installations is when creating new housing.


Residence automation

Management of your vital equipment through home automation

Utilizing home automation in brand-new houses is the ideal way to simplify control and improve daily comfort. However, it is not necessary to purchase every connected object and ultra-specialized connected gadget. Do we suggest? Invest in a few daily-use items of equipment:

Roller shutters: With home automation, you may program the shutters’ opening and closing times or even have them move in time with the sun. With this choice, you can significantly reduce your winter heating costs and summer heat.

Intelligent heating: using home automation, control the temperature of your electric radiators without using too much energy. Additionally, connected heating Adjusts to your environment (sun rays, room temperature, etc.)

Home automation enables you to create scenarios while you’re away and from a distant location, especially to imitate activity inside of you and lower the chance of robbery. The security system (alarm, cameras, and presence detection)

Finally, home automation can track your water and electricity usage for financial gain. Install linked devices to save energy costs. Connect the domestic hot water production system, in particular, to be even more cost-effective.

How do you install Homeland in a new home?

It is advisable to establish a home automation system that is connected to numerous connected things as part of a new construction. Before the site is finished, you will be able to anticipate the installation of sheaths and equipment. It helps you save time!

There are three ways to implement home automation in a home:

Installation in wired mode requires physical connections between the equipment and control boxes, as well as consideration of the house’s wiring. The most stable system is one that doesn’t need a wireless network, which is frequently subject to fluctuations and disconnections.

Due to its low cost, wireless installation is the method that is most frequently chosen. Just a reliable Wi-Fi connection is needed to link everything. This style of installation is also appropriate for a renovation project for a home or apartment.


Your project for home automation in a new space

The definition of needs is to determine your regular routines, or in this example, your needs for home conveniences. Then classify them into two groups.

The professional discussion: If you choose the wired version, your manufacturer will specify the dimensions and placements of the ducts in your residence. He can share his experiences with you as well. Your Wi-Fi terminal’s placement will command all the attention in a wireless installation.