Verisure Alarm UK Review

Due to the reviews, Verisure is one of the favorite UK home security companies. It has high customer ratings and 3.6 million users. With more than thirty years of experience, Verisure offers innovative equipment, in-person security services, and smart home device integration.


But besides many positive features, Versure has the other not-so-bright side as contract flaws. These flaws aren’t major but in a top-notch security system or the lack of transparency on monthly fees and costs of the devices overall.


Verisure home alarm systems are not for US security systems users. Verisure works in 16 countries, including Europe and Latin America, although not serving the United States.


  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Сomprehensive smart home integration
  • 30 years of experience
  • In-person guard
  • Innovations with products and services provided


  • No price transparency




Verisure cost

Verisure doesn’t offer up price information. Research showed that the monitoring started at around £40. It seems that each user’s monthly fee depends on the particular setup. So the concrete price for certain premises can be only known after the consultation.

Get ready for the installation

Before you try the Verisure security system, here are some questions you need to have an answer for:

  • How many rooms does your space have?
  • How many entryways and windows do you need to be protected?
  • What equipment do you want; alarms, cameras, smart doorbells, or others?

Is Verisure the right choice?

For users who want a unique security system with innovations, Verisure is a perfect choice. It’s also great if you wish to do smart home integration with a professional setup. There’s no general price range in Verisure before the installation.

No DIY security system

Verisure is a security system that can only offer professional installation of the devices and monitoring.

UK alarm systems comparison

Verisure can offer customers the following kinds of devices and equipment

All devices offered by the company are wireless, which makes installation easy and does not spoil the user’s interior. These are some of the customers favourite products due to the reviews.

Keypad GuardPass

This keypad has a few peculiar features, like its anti-jamming technology to protect the security system from hackers. And also, talking directly with the Verisure monitoring centre is available using the keypad.

Seniors Protection

The Seniors Protection wristwatch and service keep track of the location and detect falls of people who need this. This device is a kind of an alarm button. That will notify you in case of trouble. A press of the SOS button will send help.

Photo Detector

An exciting alternative to video surveillance which will take pictures of anything that sets off its motion sensor. After the device has sent the alarm, Verisure’s team analyses information and sends help if there is a problem.

Perimeter Detector

The Verisure Perimeter Detector can be used to detect intruders and track children playing in the garden as it sees someone moving toward your house.

Equipment provided by Verisure

  • Smoke detectors, leak detectors, flood and temperature detectors
  • Fog barriers
  • Remote control alarms
  • Perimeter detectors
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Smart plugs
  • Break sensors
  • Alarms
  • Panic buttons
  • Shock sensors
  • Photo detectors
  • Deterrent signs
  • Smart key readers and smart keys


    Verisure setup and installation

    Due to the customers’ reviews, installation of the security system is quick, and the installers are aces. Verisure is 100% professionally installed and maintained.

    Verisure app

    After the installation, you can use the Verisure app to arm and disarm the Verisure security system. You can also use it to control Verisure’s lineup of smart devices or to view security camera footage.

    Verisure smart home compatibility and features

    The only smart device that will work with the Verisure security system is the Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell; otherwise — not compatible.

    If you are unfamiliar with smart home integration, the Verisure is the security system you will be enjoying as it offers devices from smart plugs to smart cameras. All devices will be installed and integrated by a professional specialist.

    Verisure customer service and support

    Verisure’s level of service and support is impressive and corresponds to the company level.

    There’s an unusual 24/7 service that provides you with a personal guard when needed. A guard is a good option if you want to prevent your home from unwanted visitors. Technical help is also available night and day. And the alarm receiving centre’s response time after an alarm is triggered averages at 45 seconds.


    Ring Alarm FAQ

    Is Verisure NSI accredited?

    Yes. Verisure is gold-certified and meets the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) accreditation standards.

    What happens when my Verisure alarm goes off?

    After the alarm goes off, Verisure’s alarm receiving centre (ARC) is notified, and you are getting a notification. There’s an option where a guard is sent to your home in case of a need.

    Can the Verisure security system work without a landline?

    Yes, the information is transmitted by the alarms with the GSM through the cellular network.