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Ring Alarm Review

After the complete testing of the np-frills alarm system by Ring in our home, we’ll give the proper checkup on all the equipment.

Find out more about Ring. We’ll guide you through. Ring Security is affordable and has decent security cameras. You’ll pay less than $200 for the starter when the pro monitoring costs a customer $20 monthly.

If you’d like to have a security system that will be growing with your family, is easy to assemble, attentive with its alerts — Ring will fit for your usage. It also integrates well with your Alexa because of the Amazon ownership.


  • Wide variety of cameras
  • No contract demanded
  • Clever Neighbors app
  • Cost-effective price


  • A disconcerting keypad
  • Protect Plus plan with a 1-year commitment
  • Tough features to reset

The cost of a Ring security system

The Ring security system costs less than other installer systems. The basis is the starter security kit cost less than $200. Professional monitoring by Ring will cost you $20 per month. Self-monitoring will cost you nothing without video, or you have an option to add a $3 camera with video recording.

A free plan will fit best for singles and couples. Protect Basic is perfect for usage in small families, while Protect Plus is the best choice for large families.

There’s also a subscription service from Ring called Ring Protect Pro. It includes exclusive features:

  • Cloud video storage for cameras
  • Cybersecurity features with eero Secure
  • Professional monitoring
  • Local video storage
  • 24/7 backup internet
  • Hands-free emergency helpline with Alexa Guard Plus
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Will the Ring alarm system be suitable for you?

If you are up for a standard security system, a Ring alarm will be the best option for you, featuring a large camera selection, few frills and affordable equipment prices. Also, one more excellent feature is monitoring the system by yourself or having the pros help out for just $20 per month. Equipment has to be paid for entirely in advance.


Ring security tech and tools

All of Ring’s custom tech has a white coverage with the blue LED Ring which is a kind of signature. This LED Ring illuminates when the sensors located there are catching motion or when the system is armed.

Early, Ring offered nearly the same package in three sizes that just contained a plain base, Keypad, range extender, and amounts of sensors. Nowadays, the company has a much more comprehensive range of security options since it introduced the Pro series of security systems in 2021.

The Ring Alarm Pro series includes a TrueMesh Eero Wi-Fi6 router and 24/7 backup internet. These features will keep your Ring security system working when the internet is disconnected and when in need of local storage for your security cameras.

Some Pro and non-Pro packages come with an Alexa device, Ring Video Doorbell, or a Ring camera.

The minimalistic look of the Ring’s tools looks attractive, and the bell sound on the door/window sensor is pleasant to hear when you come home.

Our Features

Enjoy Preconfigured Setups or Full Control  

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How to pick the suitable kit

The definition of a suitable kit depends on your home size. 

It’s recommended that all main entrances be covered with a contact sensor and put motion detectors in the main entryways. The medium and the large kits are provided with all the essentials and additional sensors.

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Virtual Security Guard by Ring

If you require extra security, try the Ring Virtual Security Guard service. With this security service, you can have professionals check in on cameras right away when motion is detected to check if there is some problem or a threat. This particular feature can be added for one camera or all of them.

After the problem is detected, the security guard will be scaring the intruders off with the two-way talk feature and siren. If that doesn’t work, they can forward the emergency services.

Ring’s Equipment

The Range extender is included in the Ring alarm kit. Moreover, it’s the only security system kit we know with available tools.  The Range extender is usually an extra cost add-on. This item is quite an excellent choice for large houses or outdoor equipment. What will this tool do? The Range extender will boost the user’s home Wi-Fi reach and strengthen connections with additional wireless devices.

System control: The Ring base station and Keypad control the system. The signature ring light placed on both is for the system status indication.

Additional Equipment: Ring has a suite of environmental sensors, advanced indoor and outdoor cameras, and more. These items are easy to add to your home system and are well-compatible with other tools.

Ring Alarm security system equipment

A Base station

This is the system’s main element. All Ring Alarm devices are connected to the base station. The siren is located within the base station as well.


Arm and disarm the system using the keypad. This tool view gives you physical control of your security system. You can also control the system status.

Contact sensor

This tool can be used as either a window or a door sensor. The contact sensor reacts to the doors and windows movement.

Motion sensor

Rings motion detector provides motion detection in any area or room of its placement. The motion tool uses a passive infrared sensor (PIR) that is able to pick up movement in a 90° radius.

Range extender

A Range extender is a strengthener of the Ring Alarm Z-Wave mesh network. This device helps amplify the signal from the base station, giving you an option to place devices further away from the base station to cover a much wider area.

How to install the Ring Alarm System

Setup and installation of Ring

All the sensors, instructions, and cables are suitable in the Ring security system box. After the base station is connected to the system, the setup is uncomplicated.

  1. Take the instruction from the box or find it in the app.
  2. Have the installation started with the base hub.
  3. Write down the Wi-Fi password as there’s no way to cancel if you enter it inaccurately. 
  4. Set up a four-digit keypad entry code.
  5. Pick a place for installing sensors. It takes not much time to install the devices.


Pro install option

We recommend using the Ring’s DIY route, but if you want a professional-install option, there is an option to get on through a partnership with OnTech. But it’s not the best deal as you have to pay on a per-device basis, which adds up.


A Base station, Keypad, and sensors

Ring’s base station was easy to set up, while the keypad and sensors mannered difficulties.

Arming or disarming was disconcerting, and we couldn’t tell if the system’s status was successfully changed until the alarm sounded.

Instead of the Keypad, we used the Ring app, and the procedure went much smoother. So, the app is relatively easier to understand, while a keypad will be helpful when you have an armful of groceries. Be careful with the contact sensor as well. You might have trouble with moldings as the system can show that the door was open if the door frame is too high for the sensors to match.

Although, you can find help with the different door and window trims through Ring’s guide.



Features of the Ring smart home system

Ring Neighbors app

Unique supplement to your home security system — Ring’s Neighbours app will help you keep your neighbours in the loop in an anonymous, quick way. The following functionality is available: trace, suspicious activity, report crimes, and even share the occasional wildlife encounter.

The cons can be named as well. There’s no vetting of the signal, so there can be a lot of posts that unnecessarily raise the alarm.

Organizations including law enforcement have attempted to use the app and its messages to track down demonstrators around the country. The police may also request your video footage. There’s the fine print about how Ring handles privacy issues. Reading those can help decide what best suits the users’ approach to community safety.

Old security equipment can be updated

If you already have the infrastructure, you will save money as Ring requires the base station, which can be found in Ring Alarm’s starter kits. Ring security systems have a base station that works with the pre-existing sensors and motion detectors and can easily modernize the old equipment.

Ring Alarm client service

The Ring client service can be for sure called excellent. There are many helpful articles, inbox instructions, mobile app and online support. In need, there are customer services in three time zones available 24/7.

Here are Ring’s customer ratings.*

  • Trustpilot rating: 1.4 stars (bad)
  • Ring Always Home app on Apple App Store: 4.5 stars out of 5
  • Ring Always Home app on Google Play: 3.8 stars out of 5

*Ratings as of 12/06/2021

Ring Alarm FAQ

Can I get discount insurance for the homeowners with Ring Alarm?

Of course. Ring will provide you with the alarm certificate for the insurance company to arrange the discount. You can download the certificate online.

    • Log into personal Ring account
    • Click the menu icon in the top left corner (features three lines)
    • Go to the on Location Settings
    • Then click on Monitoring
    • Go to the Certificate
    • And download or print the certificate

Is the monthly fee available for Ring?

Self-monitoring with Ring is free of charge without the video recording. Add $2, and now you get another camera and video access.

If you are a professional monitoring fan, Ring’s $10 per month is one of the best rates we’ve seen so far, firstly the pleasant price. You can choose a plan from the Protect Basic or Protect Plus.

The Protect Plus plan contains the following functions: video backlog and discounted equipment. Systems like Frontpoint and SimpliSafe also have such features, but there you’d have to pay up to $40 monthly.

Who will the Ring security fit best?

The users aim for the classical equipment and have budget-conscious options. The first question that will help you decide is what you will choose: self-monitoring your security system or leaving this to the professionals. Equipment comes with many options for monitoring and add-ons. Ring security cameras and environmental sensors are affordable, and also it’s a plus.

    Will the Ring Alarm still be working in case of a loss of the Wi-Fi network connection or the power going out?

    The Ring Alarm has a cellular backup for users with a Ring Protect Plus plan.

    And the Ring Alarm security system’s built-in battery backup works for about 24 hours in case of power loss.

      Will the Ring Alarm support the users existing security cameras?

      Ring Alarm will support users existing security cameras if the current cameras are from Ring. You can get video monitoring with your Ring Alarm system as part of the Ring Protect Plus plan. The user can monitor both cameras and the Ring Alarm system in the Ring app.

        Will the user get the refund in case of early subscription cancellation if paying for a year of Ring professional monitoring?

        You will have ten months to cancel an annual Ring Protect Plan subscription and get a refund. You will pay only for using the monitoring plan. No refund will be available if more than ten months have gone by.

          To Sum Up

          The Ring Alarm system is suitable for small homes, limited budgets on security, and first-time home security users. It’s difficult to beat $120 per year for professional monitoring or $100 if you pay in advance for a year.

          This security system is simple to install and configure, but there were a few glitches when we tried the Keypad for arming and disarming. Comprehensive, we found the app to be more user-friendly than the Keypad for controlling the system.

          Best of all, Ring offers a diverse range of cameras to choose from. It’s an excellent choice if you want to base your security system on security cameras.