How can your garage be automated?

Automating your garage door is the first step in connecting your garage. To operate the garage door from your car or house, you only need remote control or a smartphone. Additionally, you may automate your garage’s lighting, shutters, and other hardware.


The benefits of garage automation

You can automate many commonplace actions in a connected home. You expedite several tasks while saving time. Indeed, you have the chance to cut your energy use as much as possible by creating scenarios. When it’s dark outside, or it’s too hot, your shutters close. When no one is found inside, the light goes out. In order to keep the house warm while you are home without running the heating constantly while you are gone, the heating turns on before you get there.

Automating a home and garage has a number of benefits. There are numerous ways to link your garage, including a garage door, lighting, shutters, and an alarm system.

Your garage should be connected.

Connected garage lighting

You can automate your lighting quickly and easily by installing a motion detector. Therefore, it automatically turns on when you park your car in your garage or enter it. There may also be a timer available. It enables the lighting to shut off on its own for a predetermined amount of time. With this solution, you may navigate your garage day or night without being concerned about the lighting.

Connected garage door shutters

You have the option of automating the electric roller shutters in your garage, just like the rest of your house. They enable the reduction of energy losses, the security of dwellings, and presence simulation.

The majority of the time, the shutters are programmed to open and close at sunrise and dusk. You can choose other times, though, based on your tastes.

Even though heating a garage is still relatively uncommon, keeping it cozy in the winter and reducing the oppressive heat in the summer is enjoyable. This is especially true if you also use your garage as a workshop, a place to play table tennis with your kids, etc., in addition to parking your car there.

Put a security system in your garage.