Definition of a domotic situation

Home automation has made it feasible to automate a wide range of different tasks at the house. Programming acts that we want to automate all at once are referred to as a domotic scenario.

For instance, you might program your home automation system to turn up the heat every morning at a specific time and open the roller shutters. It is equally possible to design a scenario involving a different set of activities, such as turning on a light outside when it gets dark or remotely controlling the lighting in your residence to deter criminals by giving the impression that someone is home and has bad intentions, It’s useful, isn’t it?

Domotic situation How to construct Homeland scenarios to simplify your life!

Open the blind, draw it shut, water the garden’s plants, switch on each electric radiator individually, then extinguish them all… Tired of making the same time-consuming and laborious gestures every day? The location of your electrical equipment and ancient history! By designing a customized home automation scenario, you can free yourself from daily restrictions and overly repetitious activities.

The scenarios for home automation make your daily life easier because you can organize everything into a single sequence. You can control everything from your smartphone or touchpad using the same home automation app and a single language (or home automation protocol). With a few clicks on a screen, you can remotely operate every connected gadget!

How can I program a scenario for home automation?

The scenario involves concurrently starting a number of automated processes, or operations, in accordance with:

A specific time period (morning, afternoon, evening, night)

Whichever frequency you choose (every week, every day, for example)

Your routines and tastes

An example of a popular use (centralization of tasks)

Additionally, you have the option to build unique activities that will happen only occasionally and be triggered by a pre-determined date. You can prepare ahead of time by turning on the warmth of the house earlier than normal, for instance, if you plan on teleworking unusually tomorrow.

Examples of time-saving home automation situations

It may be hard to believe at first, but the little things we do every day take time and energy. But home automation can help you gain back valuable time. Thus, a variety of scenario types can be used.

Examples of monitoring possibilities for your home

You can keep an eye on a house from a distance in a number of home automation scenarios. Are you taking a trip? Do you stay away all day? Your interior’s security is crucial. Home automation has made it possible for you to:


With the help of a programmable setting, you can simulate being present. The house’s major rooms will first turn on the illumination, followed by the bedrooms.

Start remote video surveillance with your smartphone.

Select a presence detection warning (by email, call, or SMS for example)

For your loved ones, unlock your front door (friends passing through your home, children who have forgotten their keys)