Best Door Locks for Home Security in 2022

When it comes to domestic security, a range of devices from hidden cameras to Wi-Fi alarms can preserve your household and assets safe. But the easiest choice might also be the most important: your door locks. The proper door lock setup secures entryways to make certain that your domestic is without problems available to its residents, however, stays shut in opposition to undesirable intruders. Door locks encompass mechanisms for each doorknob and deadbolt, and can additionally encompass elements like keyless entry, Wi-Fi connectivity, or touchscreen management pads.


We compared plain deadbolts and door locks to find the toughest options for a secure home.

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Things to consider before you buy

What’s your backset

The back set on your door is the dimension between the core of the drilled gap for your lock and the facet of your door. This is a vital dimension to have earlier than you go purchasing for locks to make certain you get a lock that fits.

Most back sets on US doorways are both two 3/8 in. or two 3/4 in., so most locks are designed to match these measurements. Still, each and every as soon in a while, you may get a door that is drilled differently, so be positive to check.

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Single cylinder vs. double cylinder locks

The deadbolt locks we have blanketed right here are single-cylinder locks, which potentially have a keyhole on one facet and a thumb flip or lever on the different side.

You can buy double cylinder locks that require keys on each side, however, desiring a key to unencumbered the door from the interior may want to prolong or forestall you from getting out of your domestic in an emergency.

For that reason, we endorse the usage of solely single-cylinder locks for your domestic security.

Security doors

Before outfitting historic doorways with new locks, think about whether you may desire the delivered safety of a safety door. Security doorways are a lot sturdier and extra kick-resistant than trendy builder-grade doors, and they can grant more safety at your home’s most prone point.

Today’s safety doorways come in a huge range of fashionable finishes to suit your decor, so you might not have to sense like you are dwelling in a financial institution vault.

Adding door sensors

If you are focusing on beefing up your door security, it is suitable thinking to assume about including door and window sensors in your home. These sensors are blanketed in many domestic safety structures and will alert you each time a door or window is opened when the device is armed.

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Medeco Maxum: Best for security

The Maxum is the subsequent technology of lock security. Its solid, hardened metal casing and inserts make it drill-proof and invulnerable to assaults from crowbars and different frequent tools.

We specifically preferred the special lock fashion ability special keys, making them difficult to duplicate. But preserve in thinking that if you want a replica key, or if you ever want to get the lock re-keyed, its strong point capacity you will have some hoops to soar through.

The Maxum lock is handy in a range of special finishes, and it comes with a high-security, box-style strike plate with two-inch, excessive tensile screws—not as lengthy as the three-inch screws we choose for an in reality tightly closed door, however higher than the trendy one-inch. Installation can be difficult, so you would possibly choose to have a locksmith on name simply in case. You can order a number of Medeco locks for your domestic and have them keyed identically or differently.

Medeco locks are deadbolt only, so you may have to discover a matching doorknob lock, however, the deadbolts come in greater than a dozen finishes, so you can discover simply the proper match. Medeco is in a way the priciest door lock on our list, however, it is pinnacle quality, and it comes with a two-year warranty.

Schlage B60N626: Easiest installation

As an individual who’s been in the sweaty trenches of deadbolt substitute myself, I desire I’d had something like the Schlage B60 collection to make the procedure a little easier.

Schlage designs its deadbolts to suit most general pre-drilled deadbolt holes, and it makes use of a special “Snap & Stay” ring to preserve the locking mechanism in the vicinity whilst you screw it in.

Since there are simply three portions to installation with a preferred Phillips head screwdriver, you will be searching at much less than 10 minutes whole work time.

This lock isn’t always as impenetrable to assaults as the Medeco, however, it is picked- and bump-resistant, and at around $30, it may not damage the bank. It’s accessible at most neighborhood hardware stores, and it comes with an AAA ranking (best of the best) from BHMA for security, durability, and finish.

Wright Products Serenade Mortise Set: Best for storm doors

If you are a neighborly character who likes to see what’s going on outside, however, you do not prefer to depart your door unlocked for intruders, a storm door lock like this one from Wright Products is a proper way to pork up your security. This lock has an adjustable backset, so it will suit most storm doors, and its built-in deadbolt continues your door firmly locked.

The simple, curved deal with graph suits most decor styles, and it goes with different lock sets from the Wright Products line, so you can fit it to your front door. The sole downside to this lock is that it’s intricate to install. The directions that come with it aren’t very clear, so if you are no longer routinely minded, you may favor enlisting a buddy or expert to assist with the job.

On the brilliant side, one motive mortise locks are tough to install is due to the fact they’re designed to be extra complicated than cylinder locks, so they’re additionally tougher for intruders to beat.

Kwikset 980 with SmartKey: Budget pick

The Kwikset 980 appears amazing on paper: it has a strong metal building and BumpGuard technology, plus it is hard to choose, and you can rekey it yourself. But we could not put it into the pinnacle three due to the fact the jury is nonetheless out on how dependable the SmartKey relaying science simply is.

Some customers say their key stopped working in the lock after a few years, and some say the rekeying failed altogether. The exact information is that it is a cheap option, and if you run into any bother with your Kwikset lock, it is blanketed underneath a lifetime guarantee that covers mechanical issues and ends blemishes.

How we reviewed door locks

To pick out our pinnacle selections for the excellent door locks, we studied every lock’s development and protection facets to locate locks that have been no longer solely constructed to ultimate but additionally designed to foil even the most gifted lock picker. To discover greater about how we evaluate protection products, test out our full methodology.