Automated Home Details and regular security resources

Equipment for home automation can be of tremendous value in assisting with home security. With or without a home automation box, there are several home automation devices and hundreds of connected products that are compatible with one another. The aim? Make your home’s interior automated, so it can defend itself every day.

What should a Connected Safety House be made of?

Do you require a full security system? In this instance, the attached camera is a component of the fans! The latter offers thorough home security, useful in the event of frequent vacations. You receive a notification on your smartphone as soon as an abnormality is found. Memory cards are used to store videos and data that have been captured and are reused as needed.

Depending on the security camera model you choose, you will receive more or less sophisticated functions, such as the ability to take pictures in the dark and start remote control recordings, which are sufficient to quickly and simply examine the interior of your home to make sure everything is okay.

Multi-user facial recognition is a feature offered by other, more advanced versions. This choice is quite useful for allowing multiple people to enter your residence, including your husband and children in particular.

Safety through connectivity and human presence simulation

There is no better way to deter a potential burglar from entering your home than a device that mimics a human presence. Burglaries and incursions are prevented by this security system!

Through your smartphone’s home automation software, simulating human presence is, above all, the ideal opportunity to create safety scenarios. You won’t need any specialized technological skills, rest assured. Just program the events on the application for a deterrent presence simulation (open the roller shutters, turn on the light, etc.).

Are you used to returning late at night? To make your presence felt at the accommodation, we advise you to schedule your lights to turn on at dusk. Do not forget to spend a specific amount of time enhancing the security of your garage door or front entrance. The same holds true for rolling shutter opening and shutting.

Want to alter the situation? Once more, you can customize the events from your phone. And if you’re planning a trip, don’t wait to connect an anti-intrusion alarm before you leave the building.

Home monitoring alarm that is connected

The initial instinct when preparing to surround yourself with security equipment for your home is frequently to bring a connected surveillance alarm. This useful and practical solution is highly deterrent and prevents the incursions of hostile people, and for good reason.

The linked alarm is incredibly simple to operate using a smartphone, tablet, or computer because it is intuitive and scalable. It beeps automatically when it senses the presence of an illegal individual. Connected alarms are equipped with motion detectors linked to a general steering plant for good reason. As a result, you are informed and sent an SMS or email. This system is very adaptable by adding new modules that will give you access to extra functionalities.