Ajax Security System Review

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It always seems that the differences between using a professional security system or trusting a more affordable non-certified alarm system are insignificant, and any security equipment will be able to provide its users with the proper security. But there’s the security we are talking about, and the dysfunctioning equipment can be fatal. The choice is total users, but let us tell you about the smart security system that quickly gains trust against the market.

Ajax Systems is about smart security and safety on another level. The system works with different types and purposes of sensors, including combined models. Ajax gives its users the flexibility to supplement and increase the security system’s capabilities. With Ajax Systems, users can choose which product line they should get: wireless or wired devices.

All the installed sensors can be independently and professionally fixed in minutes. Devices are protected against physical burglary and warn of unwanted removal. However, the sensor is off by a non-user. The security system will be notified of this event for at least 12 seconds due to the two-way communication with the sensor. One more great feature is guaranteed protection against false alarms in any detector.

What makes the Ajax alarm system a genuinely innovative one is the modern mobile control, sleek designs of its products and, of course, the way it functions. Here are some pros and cons of this security system:


  • High quality and innovative devices
  • Extremely comprehensive
  • Variety of setting options
  • Professional devices grade
  • Wide operational range
  • Quickly functioning, no errors
  • Can be externally monitored (at an additional cost)
  • No subscriptions required
  • Easy to use
  • Featuring app
  • User-friendly gadgets and usage
  • Exceptional technical and visual design


  • No (simple) integration with the smart home yet
  • More costly than other security systems
  • No logging of sensor operation when the system is disarmed
  • No third-Party Integration — Alexa, Google, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT


How does Ajax alarm system work

The first thing to notice is that Ajax offers both wired and wireless security devices. The core gadget in the one and another option is a hub — the control panel of the Ajax security system. The hub manages all Ajax devices and operates security modes. The hub notifies an alarm response center and connected users in case of a threat. The control panel can be located indoors and connected to the Internet via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or GSM (channels vary depending on the hub version).

The hub monitors systems detectors and security devices then report back to the hub. If a sensor is triggered, it immediately sends that information to the control panel. The hub massages an alert to the system owner’s smartphone and/or to a central monitoring station.

As we call Ajax’s production smart, the hub has corresponding features. And there’s some quite impressive. Control panels automatically update over the air when the system is disarmed. Such system renewal provides the alarm with the evolution of the security system, support for new devices and improved user experience.

The Ajax Systems alarm supports three work modes: full off, full on and sleep (night mode). Each detector can be configured with some activation schedule. For instance, if the user switches off the motion detector at night — someone can walk over the house during this time.

One more of Ajax’s exceptional features is choosing the type of security system you’d like to install. The first type is a wireless system working on Ajax’s invented communication protocol called Jeweller. This protocol establishes an operational range of up to 2000mtrs and secure communication between the hub and attached devices. Thanks to Jeweller, all data is encrypted. A protocol covers all devices if someone tries to intrude, jam, or spoof the system. Jeweller automatically switches frequencies to avoid trouble.

Besides the Jeweller protocol, there’s another one called Wings. This radio protocol is used for Ajax’s motion cameras. It’s a high speed, based on Jeweller, with its antenna in the Smart Hub. The Wing’s protocol provides users with the delivery of the photo confirmations even if the signal level is unstable.

Wired Ajax security system devices use a hub called Hub Hybrid. It is the control panel that supports Jeweller devices and the Fibra (wired) product line. Hybrid combines wired and wireless technologies, creating composite security enhanced by informative notifications, photo verification of alarms, real-time system control in the app, and automation scenarios.

Hub Hybrid updates automatically or by engineer’s command over-the-air. Such updates take less than a minute to be completed and proceed while the system is disarmed. After the system is updated, users have improved system and sometimes new features.

There is more than one hub version for both wireless and wired Ajax security devices. Users can choose the option which will fit them better.

Installation and Setup

To purchase the Ajax products, you have to find one of Ajax’s professional installers, of which they have 45 partners in the UK to choose from. The company’s products are unavailable to buy in-store or find on Amazon or any popular sites. That is the main Ajax Systems issue as the products seem so easy to install, along with the user-friendly app. You will need the professional installation anyway in case you want Ajax.

After setting the account up in the Ajax application, the user creates rooms in the premises where each device will be installed, including taking a photo of the room. Then, while scanning the QR code on each device and following the instructions, the user adds each device to the earlier created account.

A customer can proceed with the options configuration (although the default should cover most uses) after adding all the devices to the app for tracking.


Starting with the Hub, the system includes many settings such as setting up a Geofence, adding users, developing the network connection and others. There’s an option for users where the system is set up to send the reminder of the security system arming and disarming. Users can create schedules and set up groups to divide the premises into multiple areas and arm them independently. The last note in the hub settings while tuning is choosing a security company and a monitoring station if the user wants professional monitoring.


Other devices have more personalized settings, and it’s more than comfy. For example, the MotionCam has the settings regulating the sensitivity, image resolution, whilst across the other devices, they all have settings for delaying security system activation when leaving and arriving.


The Ajax’s security system user can activate the alert with a siren or choose the way their panic button will translate the signal: with or without the siren sounds. Maybe this button will only be used as the house control device.


The wireless indoor siren’s features can be regulated as well. The alarm level can be modified between 81dB to 105dB and its length between 3 and 180 seconds. The siren also has the option of having an external LED fitted to monitor the system’s status.


Ajax Security System Testing

Every device that needs to be tested before usage has such an ability as the FireProtect detector. It is a wireless detector with a temperature sensor that monitors security in the room day and night. Notifies its users of smoke detection and sharp jumps in temperature.

To test the device, the user has to switch it on and press the sensor button for a few seconds — the detector will simulate the smoke generation, pushing the reaction and then switch on the siren for 6 seconds.

The user of FireProtect will receive a notification in the Ajax mobile app regarding the test result and detector status.


Ajax app

The Ring Alarm Pro series includes a TrueMesh Eero Wi-Fi6 router and 24/7 backup internet. These features will keep your Ring security system working when the internet is disconnected and when in need of local storage for your security cameras.

Some Pro and non-Pro packages come with an Alexa device, Ring Video Doorbell, or a Ring camera.

The minimalistic look of the Ring’s tools looks attractive, and the bell sound on the door/window sensor is pleasant to hear when you come home.

There are both — Android and iOS versions.

Client support

In the online support section, users can find manuals and educational videos about all features of Ajax in detail. If you need help from technical specialists, they are available 24/7.

Main settings and functions review

Main Hub Settings includes configuration options for the security system and hub itself. The user has the following functionality available:

  • Setting up a security schedule allows users to arm and disarm the system automatically.
  • Setting up static or DHCP for the Ethernet.
  • Setting up the SIM card settings.
  • Setting up a geofence to remind users when leaving or entering.
  • Group mode allows users to group up devices.
  • Inviting users to the system.
  • Connecting with monitoring companies.
  • Setting up how monitoring companies will be contacted (Ethernet/GPRS).

Let’s go through another device settings. MotionCam, for example. This motion detector takes photos of the object it analyzes. When selecting this device in the app, users can see an extensive list of statuses, including temperature, battery life, and various signal strengths.

MotionCam main settings are re-assigning the device to a different room, changing the sensitivity level, the number of photos it takes, image resolution, delay times when entering or leaving, whether it arms or not in the night mode, and if it is always on.

Ajax’s equipment review

The introduction to the security system usually starts with the starter kits, so here we are. We’ve created a pack which, in our opinion, will be enough to protect property. This kit contains the following devices: the hub, motion detector, opening detector and key fob with a panic button. 

Detectors will identify the door or window opening as well as the human presence. Central Monitoring Station and the user will be notified as the hub sends an alarm notification.

This one is the basic kit with the hub and detectors, but what if we try to make it sound a little more professional and serious?

The following wireless security kit can keep the user’s property from intrusion. Ajax will instantly inform the systems owner and the security company about the hacking of the privacy invasion and send a photo verification of this event in less than 9 seconds. This second option can be controlled from a smartphone from anywhere in the world. Even if the electricity and the Internet are cut off in the building, the hub will continue to work.

It is called StarterKit Cam, and it contains four devices:

  1. Hub 2

The hub controls the operation of the security system devices. And the user always knows what’s going on in the house thanks to push notifications, SMS and calls, which can be set up due to the preferences.

2. MotionCam

The motion sensor reacts to an intrusion in the protected area and takes a series of photos to verify the event.

3. DoorProtect

The first line of defence for the primary security system. DoorProtect can be installed on any door type. The sensor instantly reacts to opening.

4. SpaceControl

The keychain can arm and disarm the property. The one press of the panic button will call for reinforcements in an emergency.

These Starter kits can be supplemented with additional protectors. Here are our musts for the perfect security system:

  • GlassProtect — device which can recognize glass breaking from up to 9 meters. The system will notify its users immediately in case of property intrusion. GlassProtect won’t be triggered by any other sound than the glass breaking.
  • FireProtect — a miniature wireless device that can monitor the room 24/7 and will immediately notify its users of smoke detection and sharp jumps in temperature
  • HomeSiren — an indoor wireless device’s main task is the sound warning of danger, deterring intruders and attracting attention to the place where an incident happened.
  • LeaksProtect — leak detector that notifies users and a security company about floods. The system will activate the alarm the minute water seeps into one of the four pairs of sensors. The Ajax security system can automatically shut off the water until emergency services arrive (if the controlling electric valve is connected through a relay).

Assemble a security system in 2 minutes

The user can build their security system using the online configurator. It is entirely free of charge and offers a range of primary and additional devices to be installed. The configurator will help choose a set of devices for protecting the property, taking into account the number of premises, the size of the site and security requirements. The tool can calculate the budget, help with placing an order with an Ajax Certified Partner or get a consultation. 

Integration with standards and platforms

Using the Enterprise API, Ajax products can easily be integrated into third-party applications, CRM systems, billing or services. Such a union can increase profits by launching additional services and implementing new business models.

Pricing & Features of the Ajax equipment

The pricing on the Ajax devices ranges from £400 for a basic system which will be enough for a small property. Adding several optional devices will cost a user summary over £1k.

Ajax Alarm FAQ

How can the users monitor the Ajax security system?

The easiest way for monitoring is Ajax’s app for iOS and Android. This application lets the user arm and disarm the security system and provides them with information on signal status, battery level and temperature. The system can also be controlled with Ajax SpaceControl, KeyPad or KeyPad Plus.


Does the Ajax wireless security system support scenarios?

Yes. The system provides functionality for configuring the reaction of WallSwitch, Relay and Socket in response to an alarm, changing the activation or security mode by schedule. The automation device can also react to Button presses in the control mode. Learn more about scenarios.


How does the Ajax alarm system send alerts in such a short time?

Detectors are constantly monitored by the hub, and they regularly report about the situation. If a sensor is triggered, it immediately transmits that. Afterwards, the hub alerts the system owner’s mobile phone and/or a central monitoring station.



Is the Ajax security system easy to hack?

Ajax Security System is provided with the radio communication technology Jeweller, which has multi-level protection from scratch. New inventions replace standard security systems algorithms and solutions. Ajax’s OS Malevich, a real-time operating system, is immune to viruses. Furthermore, Ajax claims to regularly conduct penetration tests involving external auditors to prevent any attacks.


How long do the batteries last?

Thanks to Ajax’s energy-efficient radio protocol, batteries can work up to 7 years and then be replaced.



How to know if a battery reaches critical level?

You can always check battery levels at any time in the device settings, but once the battery is dying, Ajax by itself will send you a notification.


Will security system work when Internet goes out?

In the offline mode, detectors monitor the situation and send information to the hub. In case of danger, the system sirens will inform the users.


How Ajax informs about an emergency?

The user can choose notification preferences in the app. It can be push notifications, SMS messages or calls to the system owner.


Who responds to an alarm if the user is not at home?

We recommend giving your systems access to security professionals — Ajax works with central monitoring stations worldwide. But you can share this information with your trusted neighbours. That way, they’ll also receive alerts and check to make sure everything is okay.


Will I be left unprotected in case of a blackout?

No, you won’t. Ajax will continue its work, even during blackouts. All the detectors operate using battery power, and there’s a backup battery installed in the hub. Up to 16 hours of reliable operation is provided, and once your home regains power, the hub will automatically recharge the backup battery.


Can pets set off an Ajax alarm?

Ajax devices can detect human movement, and as long as your pets are smaller than 50 centimeters (19.5 inches) and 20 kilograms (44 lbs), they shouldn’t set off your Ajax detectors.

Can the user add and remove Ajax wireless alarm system users?

Suppose you are an administrator with full access to the system settings — yes. You can add family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues or even a security company.


Does the Ajax alarm system support video observation?

Using Ajax apps, third-party cameras which support RTSP or seamlessly integrate Uniview, Dahua, Hikvision, Safire IP cameras, and DVRs can be connected to the Ajax system.


Can Ajax security system’s radio signals be intercepted?

No. Every device has an individual identifier that helps to prevent intrusion. Devices data is encrypted by the Advanced Encryption Standard — algorithm with a dynamic key.


To Sum Up

The Ajax Systems products can be placed in the professional security systems category. The wide range of devices, its own-made radio protocols, and gadgets design can speak for itself.

The downside of Ajax’s equipment is its cost. First, you have to get professional installer services because Ajax does not provide users with the possibility of self-installation. Although this security system looks like the one, the customers can easily install it without someone coming, adding extra cost to the security system. 

Despite the higher prices than most security systems have, you know what you are paying for, and these products are worth it. You’ll get high-quality, innovative equipment with that sleek design, flawless working system, and there will be no need for a paid subscription. The online support and usage guides are excellent. Devices are easy to use, with many setting options and future proof. Every product corresponds to the description and will perform its relevant task properly.


The app is also user-friendly and has more features and settings for the devices that customers could imagine. Every setting is covered and more.