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ADT Home Security Review

Due to the reviews, Verisure is one of the favorite UK home security companies. It has high customer ratings and 3.6 million users. With more than thirty years of experience, Verisure offers innovative equipment, in-person security services, and smart home device integration.


Verisure home alarm systems are not for US security systems users. Verisure works in 16 countries, including Europe and Latin America, although not serving the United States.


  • Experienced home security company
  • Big monitoring network
  • High-quality, well-integrated devices
  • Dozens of home automation options
  • Six-month money-back guarantee


  • Relatively expensive
  • Three-year contract required
  • Challenging to use mobile app
  • Professional installation required
  • Customer service quality varies by location

ADT Plans and Prices

There are three packages choice for ADT customers:

  • Build Your own
  • Smart (including smart home integration)
  • Complete (adding video surveillance)

Smart and Complete packages contain such devices: as cameras, door and window sensors, as well as “smart” accessories; Plugs, locks, and switches that can be integrated with Amazon Alexa or Google voice commands. You can choose the equipment package yourself with the installation of a specialist. In this option, the cost is included in the package. Alternatively, ADT will send a technician to the user’s home to set up the security system.

Build Your Own package starts at $599 or $9.98 per month for 60 months and includes a touchpad, three doors, and window sensors, one motion sensor, and remote arm and disarm capability in the ADT app (additional cost ).

Professional monitoring starts at $45.99 monthly and includes smoke tracking and carbon monoxide (CO) tracking.

The Smart Bundle starts at $919 or $15.32 monthly for 60 months and includes the same components as the Secure bundle, plus a smart door lock and smart plug.

Monitoring starts at $49.99 per month and includes alarms, cameras, smart doorbells, and others.

  • Monitoring for smoke and CO signals.
  • Gaining access to the ADT app for arming or disarming and the ability to control the security system remotely.
  • Enabling smart home integration.

The Complete package also starts at $919 or $15.32 a month for 60 months and includes everything, the first two packages, an outdoor camera and a video intercom camera.

Professional monitoring starts at $59.99 per month and includes monitoring for smoke and CO signals, access to the ADT app to disarm, remotely arm, and manage your security system. Additionally, integration with smart home devices and the ability to remotely view video from your cameras in real-time will be available. Another function is recording and saving video from surveillance cameras after motion detection.

There’s an option that ADT allows customers to pay monthly fees for equipment and monitoring with nothing upfront or to pay for the cost of the equipment with monthly monitoring fees.

After signing up for the three years of monitoring, you can pay a higher monthly installment fee for the security equipment to pay the cost more quickly. This option will be available with any package.

ADT equipment

You can customize ADT equipment packages as you wish and need. The following devices are available:

  • Smart door lock
  • Doorbell camera
  • Outdoor siren
  • Garage door controller
  • Indoor camera
  • Glass break sensor
  • Door/Window sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Smoke detector
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Flood sensor
  • Indoor siren
  • Smart plug
  • Keyfob
  • Smart light bulbs

ADT Security Review

ADT security system will fit those looking for a company with a large customer base and a lot of experience. Homeowners who’d like to have a six-month money-back guarantee. Those who like professionally installed home security devices and home automation will work in one app.

ADT security system will not fit for those who’d like a more than three-year contract as the ADY security system can offer you only such a period in addition to high penalties for early termination. It won’t also fit those who’d like a low-priced security system, and ADT has one of the most expensive equipments and monitoring services.


Based in Boca Raton, Florida, ADT developed the first automated burglar alarm system in 1940, making it the oldest player in the burglar alarm system.

In 2010, the company launched combined home automation and security system — ADT Pulse, and then upgraded it in 2019, adding an integrated security system for the ADT Command and Control smart home. Thus, today, users of the system can control the house and the security system itself in a smartphone application or on a touchscreen control panel.

After 2020 Google bought a 6.6% share in ADT, companies announced they would partner to create smart home security. This had to be a bundle of Google’s Nest home automation products with ADT’s security system. But in two months, Google announced the discontinuation of its DIY home security system named Nest Secure.

While the ADT company offers a three-year contract and its products’ professional installation, this security system won’t fit a low budget. Although its equipment and monitoring are easy to use and future-rich combined with the professionals in installation and successful history, the ADT is the most extensive residential security company.

ADT is the most prominent security company in the country, with nine monitoring centers and more than 300 local offices. ADT operates on a two-tier model, where the central office authorizes local dealers. There is a network of independent dealers, which can affect the quality of service and product installations.

How to Buy an ADT Home Security System

Equipment, components, and plans can be found directly on, and an ADT technician will install the security system after the purchase.

For a consultation with a specialist, a customer needs to call or send an email to ADT directly to receive a personal offer. An ADT specialist will visit the user, assess all risks and provide a system customized for the current client.


Does ADT Security integrate with the existing thermostat?

ATD customers can control the temperature settings from the app remotely because of the security system’s Smart Thermostat. ADT systems are also compatible with Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat.

Does ADT Security support emergency duress or distress code?

ATD has a function where the customer can set the unique code, which will indicate security system disarming under pressure. After the activation, ATD will notify the convenience department.

What kind of notifications can I get?

The professional monitoring at the ADT’s Command and Control platform will provide updates on the status and activity of the customers’ system with text, email, and app notifications.

How much does an ADT home security system cost?

ADT smart Security System pricing starts at $599 for a starter pack, $45.98 per month for monitoring. The equipment will cost up to several thousand dollars and $59.99 per month for monitoring. ADT offers are among the most expensive in the ratings of smart security systems. But the setting up of such a security system includes professional installation and equipment connection, which ensures the smooth operation of all components. ADT requires a 36-month professional monitoring contract, and in case you change your mind, there is a six-month money-back guarantee.

What is ADT's warranty?

The ADT’s warranty covers service and repair to any security hardware with the extended warranty called Quality Service Plan, which is supplemented with online purchases and may be added to any package available for $7 a month. If the customer is not satisfied with the security system, the company offers a six-month money-back guarantee.

Does ADT offer a panic alarm function?

ADT has a personal security app — SoSecure, which lets ADT users contact the monitoring service using a panic button directly in the app. You can use the panic or fire alarm buttons to raise the alarm. ATD says that you have to hold down the button for one to three seconds, and this will transmit the signal to the monitoring centre, and specialists there will dispatch emergency services as soon as possible. This type of alarm can not be cancelled.

Also, there’s an alert pendant with GPS tracking so that the user can send an emergency signal to the monitoring centre regardless of the location.

Which home automation technology integrates with ADT?

Managing smart home devices by phone is possible with the ADT Control smartphone app. The app can regulate and control more than 150 smart home devices, along with some Kwikset door locks, thermostats, Lutron window shades, as well as carbon monoxide detectors and smart light bulbs.

The ADT Command and Control will let the security system detect the users’ phones when entering and leaving home. Also, customers can activate the system when going out or adjust the home settings automatically.

An additional function is available by using the voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. ADT security systems are compatible with Kwikset 910 deadbolt locks.

How is an ADT home security system monitored?

ADT operates on a cellular and broadband basis to contact its monitoring centres. The company also monitors the landline network. However, this option may be less reliable because the home telephone line can be easily damaged.

How to contact ADT's Customer Service?

ADT has a 24/7 customer service hotline at (800) 716-3640.

Will pets set off the alarm?

ADT uses infrared technology sensors for motion detection, so with most of the new ATD systems, the security will not be triggered by less than 85 pounds of weighing pets.