5 Things You Can Do With a Smart Mirror at Home, MirrorDash

A single maker created the crowdfunding project MirrorDash, a smart mirror. Although it is a good idea, setting it up requires technical expertise.

A smart mirror, the MirrorDash displays pertinent information quickly. By doing so, you may instantly see, for example, how the stock price is changing in addition to checking that your hair is in the appropriate position. These are the five things that you can accomplish with a smart mirror like MirrorDash.


A smart mirror called MirrorDash

Numerous Android fans already have a good collection of smart speakers, screens, thermostats, and other useful smart home gadgets. All of these items quickly become necessary in our daily lives, and the selection of smart home devices keeps expanding.

1. Display the weather

Checking the weather forecast is another common component of many people’s morning routines. You can immediately check the weather prediction for today and tomorrow in the mirror if you have just stepped out of the shower and are deciding what to wear.

2. Access the Instagram feed

You are immediately alerted to the most recent Instagram photos from your friends, favorite artists, or sports figures when you wake up and start brushing your teeth. Simply provide the user’s Instagram username when creating the module, and then select how many posts will be displayed.

3. Assess the news

You get out of bed, wash your teeth, use the MirrorDash to check the weather and your Instagram feed, and you’re done. Even yet, some of us will undoubtedly spend more time in front of the mirror getting that haircut or beard trim just so. We could just as well read the news while multitasking, given how adept we are at it.

You can input an RSS address in the news section of the MirrorDash so that, for instance, you always see the most recent Android world items on your mirror. To keep it enjoyable to read, you choose the scroll speed each time. The MirrorDash does not display any graphics, only plain text. Unfortunately, lengthy articles cannot be fully displayed.

The list of messages can then be automatically scrolled through, and the speed of the scrolling can be adjusted. The MirrorDash features a continually scrolling feed since, of course, if your phone or tablet is behind the mirror, you can’t manually go through the Instagram postings. You won’t be able to see any text, comments, or likes. It solely concerns the pictures.

4. Feed photos

You may spruce up your mirror with Flickr photographs. You can then follow a certain individual to see a stream of photographs, similar to the Instagram feed. It’s interesting to note that the Flickr integration supports tags, so you can always see the most recent photographs connected with a given tag. For instance, if you have a passion for birds, your mirror will constantly display the most recent pictures of a particular species.

5. Check the stock price

Although taking a long-term perspective is frequently the wisest course of action, shareholders like to monitor the progress of a number of significant organizations. Particularly those that are included in their portfolio. Using MirrorDash, you may select the businesses you want to follow based on the so-called ISIN code. The major drawback of this module is that you always see a stock’s year view, making it impossible to reference the current price.


Smart Mirror

Additional characteristics

Additionally, the MirrorDash can display the time, date, timers, a picture based on a URL, and sticky notes that can be used as reminders in addition to your Google Calendar. MirrorDash places a premium on the fact that you can only display a certain number of modules at once because this is based on the size of the phone or tablet you place behind the mirror.

Fortunately, you can change the size of modules, however, I have found that doing so occasionally results in issues. Consider units that are either too big or too small to fit on the screen and are therefore not displayed at all. Selecting a vertical or horizontal position for your phone in the MirrorDash is frequently helpful.